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IFC Sustainability Exchange 2018

Please join us for a livestreamed Long Conversation with The Smithsonian during IFC’s annual Sustainability Exchange event in Washington DC. This innovative session will include visionaries from the worlds of energy, healthcare, politics, transport, mining, textiles, and technology in a relay of two-person dialogues focused on the drivers of change in emerging markets. Learn about the best ideas on the horizon in 15-minute rolling conversations between experts from all walks of life.

Read the chat below!

The Event has concluded


Head, Infrastructure & Natural Resources Advisory. IFC

Kavya Kopparapu

Founder & CEO, Girls Computing League

Founder & CEO, TechChange

Senior Vice President, External Affairs, Kosmos Energy

Senior Operations Officer, World Bank

CEO, Bolsa de Valores de Lima

Senior Director, Multilateral Programs Development, WWF US

Former US Ambassador, Senior fellow, Brookings, & CNN political commentator

Co-Founder & Executive Director, One Common Unity

Director, Smithsonian Arts & Industries Museum

Special Advisor on Mobility, Office of the Mayor of Bogota

Former Etsy CEO & Active Board Member & Investor

Secretary of the Party Committee, CTGI

Michele Fowlin

Artistic Director, Children of the Gospel, Washington Performing Arts

CEO, Sleek Garments Export, Ghana

Shawn Westfall

CEO, Commedia Partners

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