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World Bank Group Data Privacy Day 2021

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Data is undoubtedly a valued and significant asset. Collecting and sharing data is key to conducting business in today’s global digital economy. Data Privacy is more relevant now than ever and has become central to how an organization can maintain trust and safeguard the data they collect or process.

The World Bank Group Data Privacy Day is the flagship event to help raise privacy awareness—internally within the World Bank Group and externally—to promote data protection best practices and maintain trust in the institution. Make sure to sign up for an event reminder and ask your questions for each panel in the run of show below!

Join the World Bank Chief Data Privacy Officer, Tami Dokken for an engaging hour on data privacy including the top ten things staff need to know to comply with the World Bank Group Policy on Personal Data Privacy ahead of the operationalization of the Data Privacy Policy. Open to all staff, the session with include an interactive session addressing questions and providing guidance on learning resources for staff.

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Join Jennifer Trotsko, the IFC Chief Data Privacy Officer, and William Higginbothom, IFC Privacy Counsel, to learn more about privacy, personal data and how the World Bank Group Personal Data Privacy Policy (the Policy) will impact IFC staff. This engaging workshop will cover the Policy and other critical aspects of the IFC privacy program and will provide practical guidance so that staff can hit the ground running on February 1st when the Policy becomes effective. The session will include time for Q&A. All IFC staff are encouraged to attend.

For World Bank Group Staff: Go to the Online Learning Campus

Join this interactive session to explore the Storage Limitation principle of the Data Privacy Policy. We will bust some myths around personal data retention and deposition and learn how long records containing personal data need to be kept, where retention and disposition decisions for all WBG records are documented and how they are implemented and much more. This session is open to all staff.

For World Bank Group Staff: Go to the Online Learning Campus

The role of a national data protection authority is a complex one, spanning education, investigation, consensus-building and enforcement. Join the world’s leading data protection Commissioners for an engaging discussion on the international data protection space, from the rapid global ripple effects of the response to COVID-19, the GDPR’s implementation to emerging global trends in data protection, to the challenges of building privacy education and enforcement regime.

  • Opening Remarks: Shaolin Yang, Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Administrative Officer, MDCAO
  • Commissioner Lew Chuen Hong Personal Data Protection Commission, Singapore
  • Commissioner John Edwards – Office of the Privacy Commissioner, New Zealand
  • Wojciech Wiewiórowski – European Data Protection Supervisor
  • Commissioner Helen Dixon – Data Protection Commissioner, Ireland
  • Closing Remarks: Meg Kinnear – Secretary-General, ICSID
  • Moderator: Tami Dokken – Chief Data Privacy Officer, World Bank

The challenges new data privacy regulations present for investment projects in developing countries will be explored by three leading private sector companies. This moderated discussion will offer perspectives on how to address challenges such as transborder data transfers and data localization, amongst others. MIGA and IFC participants will share how the World Bank Group’s Personal Data Privacy Policy will facilitate IFC/MIGA’s ability to continue to do business in developing countries. The discussion will be followed by a Q & A session and will be open to staff and clients.

  • Jay Cline – Principal, US Privacy Leader, PwC US
  • Eduardo Ustaran Partner and Global co-Head, Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice, Hogan Lovells
  • Anne Fealey – Global Chief Privacy Officer, Citi
  • Shamali de Silva – Chief Counsel, MIGA
  • Ceri Wyn Lawley – Chief Compliance Officer, IFC
  • Moderator: Gero Verheyen – Data Privacy Officer, MIGA

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to raising questions of privacy and surveillance to the forefront, has thrown organizations of all sizes and objectives into disarray. In this speech by the UK’s Commissioner Elizabeth Denham and the subsequent discussion, participants will better understand the key importance of data protective practices to sustainable innovation in the digital age, and the efforts of the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office to dispense practical, timely advice that seeks to maintain organizations’ agility and effectiveness without compromising the personal data of their stakeholders.

  • Opening Remarks: Sandie Okoro – Senior Vice President, WBG General Counsel, Vice President, Compliance, World Bank
  • Commissioner Elizabeth Denham – CBE, UK Information Commissioner at the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
  • Moderator: Tami Dokken – Chief Data Privacy Officer, World Bank

With an illustrious career that spans the heights of both the private and public sectors, Microsoft’s Julie Brill is best poised to discuss what strong data protection leadership looks like across the globe. Drawing from international trends and developments, participants will gain insight into the role of the private sector in building a privacy-protective digital ecosystem, the spillover effects of the EU’s GDPR, and the fragility of public trust in the institutions that safeguard their personal information.

  • Opening Remarks: Denis Robitaille – Chief Information Officer, World Bank Group
  • Julie Brill – Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft
  • Closing Remarks: Aradhana Kumar-Capoor – Director and General Counsel, MIGA
  • Moderator: Tami Dokken – Chief Data Privacy Officer, World Bank

This high-level panel discussion, a collaboration with many of the foremost voices in the privacy and digital rights space, will explore what lessons can be learned from various approaches to COVID-19 response, the relevance of thoughtful privacy programs to public trust and adoption of pandemic mitigation strategies, and how to best assess and respond to shifting public attitudes towards personal data.

  • Opening Remarks: Chris Stephens – Vice President, General Counsel, Legal and Compliance Risk, IFC
  • Jules Polonetsky – CEO, Future of Privacy Forum
  • Max Schrems – CEO NOYB—European Center for Digital Rights
  • Bojana Bellamy – President, the Center for Information Policy Leadership (CIPL)
  • David Medine – Consultant to CGAP
  • Closing Remarks: Sandie Okoro – Senior Vice President, WBG General Counsel, Vice President, Compliance, World Bank
  • Moderator: Jennifer Trotsko – Chief Data Privacy Officer, IFC

The CEO/CIO roundtable event will feature candid conversations with recognized business and technology leaders to discuss the growing importance of data privacy in today’s digital world and how technology can enable organizations to be better prepared to solve complex data privacy challenges for themselves and their clients.

  • Opening Remarks: Suk Wah Kwok – Director, International Finance Corporation Information and Technology
  • Deni Robitaille – Chief Information Officer, World Bank Group
  • Tami Dokken – Chief Data Privacy Officer, World Bank
  • Kabir Barday – CEO, OneTrust
  • Amit Walia – CEO, Informatica
  • Felix Van de Maele – CEO, Collibra
  • Closing Remarks: Clay Lin – Director, World Bank Information and Technology Solutions, Security and Risk Management
  • Moderator: Rahyab Lari Director, World Bank Information and Technology Solutions, Operations and Corporate

Spoken word performance and curated discussion with Brandon Leake, winner of the 2020 America’s Got Talent and celebrated poet. Presented jointly with the Taskforce on Racism, this performance and session will explore and discuss issues related to personal data privacy and race.

  • Opening Remarks: Sandie Okoro – Senior Vice President, WBG General Counsel, Vice President, Compliance, World Bank
  • Brandon Leake – Winner of 2020 America’s Got Talent, Spoken Word Poet, Founder and CEO, Called To Move (CTM)
  • World Bank Group Task Force on Racism
  • Closing Speaker: Ethiopis Tafara – Vice President and Chief Risk, Legal, and Administrative Officer, MIGA
  • Moderator: Tami Dokken – Chief Data Privacy Officer, World Bank