Brandon Leake

Brandon Leake

Winner of 2020 America’s Got Talent, Spoken Word Poet, Founder and CEO, Called To Move (CTM)

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Brandon Leake is the Founder and CEO of Called To Move – CTM, Brandon Leake, is an artistic visionary whose roots lie in the ghettos of south side Stockton, California. Being born and raised to a single-parent household with his mother, Carla Leake-Gibson, Brandon was accustomed to the complexities of playing this game of life with the decks stacked against you. However, with a strong home life and some divine intervention, Brandon made it out of his neighborhood ghetto into a college classroom. This journey came with its many trials from the loss of integral members of his family and abusive home life, but these trails mixed with this spiritual collegiate journey would soon blossom into a beautiful poetic journey. In 2012 Brandon started Called To Move – CTM at Simpson University with a small group of artists just trying to share their gifts and encourage others to do so, which has led its way into inspiring others through poetry all across the country. Brandon Leake released a debut album entitled “In My Thoughts”, which lead him to travel from Los Angeles to New York and everywhere in between for a year and a half performing his pieces, leading spoken word poetry workshops, and keynote speaking.

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