Spring Meetings Live Events

April 10-16, 2023


Join us online for a series of live events featuring country voices and global leaders.
The WBG-IMF Spring Meetings are open to anyone online, and present a unique opportunity for all to join central bankers, ministers, private sector executives, civil society representatives, youth leaders, academics, and others to discuss the most pressing challenges facing our world today and how we can best respond to these to promote growth, equity, and prosperity for all.

How can the World Bank Group, in coordination with the global community, support countries in their efforts to address the crises facing development? How can the institution create new models for solving debt and financing global public goods in developing countries and middle-income countries alike? How can we make development work for people when governments are weak? And how can the private sector be more engaged in financing the necessary development to help address these challenges? These questions underpined the discussions broadcast live from Washington, DC, from April 10th to 16th.

Visit the event pages to watch the replay, find resources, and read the chats with subject matter experts. For this new edition of the Meetings, our World Bank and IFC experts responded to over 500 questions in four languages(!)

All events listed below are available in English with interpretation in ArabicFrench and Spanish.

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Participate in a series of public live events with world leaders and experts to learn about solutions to the most pressing global challenges and a wide variety of topics surrounding international development. 

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World Bank Live is the World Bank's platform for live-streaming and engaging with global audiences in open and two-way conversations about international development. We livestream public events in four languages: EnglishSpanishFrench, and Arabic

Each event is covered live by international development experts from the World Bank, IFC and partner organizations, taking questions from the audience in real-time and sharing research findings and learning resources.