The Human Face of Climate Change

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The Human Face of Climate Change

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Human capital is essential for meeting the objectives of addressing climate change and fostering development. Without focused investments in people, climate change will accelerate global poverty, exacerbate inequities, and will itself continue unabated. Climate-smart human capital can alleviate the worst impacts of climate change on people and can also empower people to drive the green transition. Join us to discuss how putting human capital at the heart of climate policies can deliver good outcomes for both people and for the planet. 

Speakers are listed below

00:00 Welcome! COP27 | The Human Face of Climate Change
03:12 Opening remarks
07:51 Introduction to the panel discussion / Video case on Sahel
11:15 Social protection programs in Malawi
16:27 Adaptation to climate change
21:38 Opportunities for growth from adaptation
27:36 The support from the World Bank Group
32:32 The link between mitigation and adaptation
35:56 Justice and equity
42:20 Human capital and climate change
47:01 Encouraging private sector in Malawi
54:34 Closure

COP 27 Climate Action for People and the Planet

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For a Green Future in the Sahel: Climate and Development Report WATCH

Mobilizing Finance and Know-how for a People-centered Just Transition. WATCH

Integrating Landscape and Seascape Investments for Climate, Economy, People and Nature WATCH

Harnessing Education for Effective Climate Action WATCH


"Investment in renewable energy is one of those efforts that the government of Malawi is making, making sure that more people have access to energy, more people have access to health systems. A renewable energy supply means families are able to live better lives."

— Nancy Tembo, Minister of Forestry and Natural Resources, Republic of Malawi

"The kinds of things that we’re describing here in both adaptation and mitigation are drivers of growth. It’s not that you can put them together and if you’re smart do not too badly. It’s much stronger than that, it’s a dynamic story where the drive to net zero the drive to have strong adaptation and resilience actually drives growth."

— Nicholas Stern, IG Patel Professor of Economics and Government, London School of Economics

"Investments in building human capital is key, because people are the ones who will drive innovations and adaptation – to address the global climate crisis."

— Mari Pangestu, Managing Director, Development Policy and Partnerships, World Bank

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Human Face of Human Capital. We'll start the event in a few minutes. Please stay tuned and feel free to share your thoughts.
Joe Qián 

You can join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #ClimateActionWBG & #InvestinPeople
Joe Qián 

While we wait for the event to begin, learn more about our new brief, Delivering for People and the Planet: Human Capital, Gender and Climate Change, which was just published.

The study analyzes the challenge, what is needed, how the World Bank Group is contributing to solutions – and what success could look like.
Joe Qián 

You may find the brief here: (pdf)
Joe Qián 

Welcome everyone! I’m Joe Qian with the World Bank, and I will be live blogging this event.
Joe Qián 

Listed on this page toward the bottom, you can see the speakers participating in today’s discussion.
Joe Qián 

The event will begin with introductory remarks from Mari Pangestu, World Bank Managing Director Development Policy and Partnerships, World Bank
Joe Qián 

You may find further thoughts by Managing Director Pangestu in her recently published blog, the Human Face of Climate Change:
Joe Qián 

Under the moderation of Time Magazine’s Senior Climate Correspondent Justin Worland – we are joined by the Honorable Nancy Tembo, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Malawi, Kathy Baughman Mcleod, Senior Vice President of the Atlantic Council, and Nicholas Stern, Chair of the Grantham Research Institute – London School of Economics.
Joe Qián 

The esteemed panelists are sharing their thoughts on protecting people, and building adaptive capacity to respond to climate change.
Joe Qián 

Join the conversation on Twitter or LinkedIn with the hashtag #InvestinPeople & #ClimateChangeWBG. We want to hear your thoughts!
Joe Qián 

The esteemed panelists are now sharing their thoughts on investing in human capital to mitigate climate change and drive the green economy.
Joe Qián 

That concludes the discussion. Thank you to all who tuned in! If you’ve missed anything, please note that the recording of the event will be available on this page – and there are many related resources below.
Joe Qián 

Learn more about today’s topic in Mari’s blog:
Joe Qián 

For more information about the World Bank’s work on Human Capital, visit
Joe Qián 

Thank you all and hope you have a wonderful day!
Joe Qián 

World Bank Group at COP 27

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