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A New Diagnostic Offering Big Insights

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Be among the first to learn the big insights emerging from the WBG’s new transformative diagnostic, the Country Climate and Development Reports. Join some of the architects of this new report as they synthesize the key findings from around 25 countries and reveal their most interesting recommendations about how countries can reduce emissions while growing their economies. Learn also from developing countries about their experience with CCDRs and how they plan to use them. This is a must-see for those who care about climate and development.

Speakers are listed below

00:00 Welcome! COP27 | Country Climate and Development Reports
02:22 Opening remarks
04:41 Main findings from the first CCDRs batch
17:55 Visions from South Africa
27:33 Visions from Malawi
35:14 Engagements at a country level
39:30 Concluding reflections