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Harnessing Education for Effective Climate Action

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Education is the strongest predictor of climate change awareness. Young people and children are fully empowered stakeholders in building climate resilience and creating a greener future. Watch this dynamic COP27 event featuring inspiring young climate leaders who are paving the way to a greener and brighter future through concrete actions that educate, change behaviors, and provide hope. Watch and learn how the next generation is already effecting change. Watch and hear what they have to say to policymakers, governments, and fellow youth about the power of education for effective and sustained climate action.

00:00 Welcome! COP27 | Harnessing Education for Effective Climate Action
02:48 Inés Yábar, Global Youth Power Manager, Restless Development
10:57 Durlabh Ashok, Founding Director, Youth Embassy
19:01 Temilade Salami, Founder and Executive Director, Eco Champions
25:28 Challenges and achievements
29:45 Scaling a pilot and expanding the experience
34:35 Influencing institutions
38:34 Learning poverty and climate education
44:40 Closure