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Women and Girls are Key to Effective Climate Action

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This event highlights the importance of an integrated approach to tackling gender equality and climate change, presenting evidence and examples showing that supporting women’s empowerment and gender equality pays dividends, including for reaching climate goals. It will showcase both World Bank and IFC engagements that support women’s empowerment and decision-making in local and indigenous communities, the private and public sectors, and civil society.

Speakers are listed below

00:00 Welcome! COP27 | Women and Girls Are Key to Effective Climate Action
01:40 Visions from an indigenous community in Kenya
04:34 Opening remarks
09:40 The role of women in the decommission of a coal plant
17:48 Getting women involved in the renewable energy workforce
24:07 Dedicated grant mechanisms, indigenous and local community women
34:55 The case of Bangladesh
43:33 Closing remarks