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October 10-16, 2022


The IMF-World Bank Group Annual Meetings concluded on October 16. Read a recap of the meetings and catch up on the week's highlights: watch leaders, experts, and activists discuss how the international community can best respond to the multiple overlapping crises facing developing countries. How can we work together to navigate an uncertain world?

From conflict to COVID-19 to climate change, successive crises have created unprecedented challenges for developing countries. We are seeing the sharpest slowdown in economic activity in 80 years, rising inflation, deepening food insecurity, the war in Ukraine and wider fragility, unsustainable debt burdens, the continued negative impact of COVID-19, and worsening poverty. Urgent action is also needed to reduce emissions and help countries adapt to the impacts of climate change. Developing countries are faced with navigating these multiple challenges, which are deepening inequality and reversing development gains.

Watch in-depth analysis and high-level discussion on investing in education, accelerating climate finance, promoting inclusive growth and responding to the food and fuel crises. 

Over 3,000 questions received across four languages

During the live events, development experts were connected to take questions from the online audience. Check the event pages to see if your question was answered!

Watch our public events with interpretation in ArabicFrench and Spanish.

Live Events and Virtual Q&As

Watch a series of high-level live conversations with prestigious guests and experts from all over the world to learn about international development, global challenges and positive change for the most vulnerable.

Speeches & Statements

Watch the speech pronounced by President Malpass on September 28, the Annual Meetings opening press conference and plenary session.

Featured Speakers

The Development Podcast

Listen to an audio summary featuring the main highlights from the 2022 WBG-IMF Annual Meetings:

Use the following clickable timestamps to jump to different sections of the podcast.

[00:00] Welcome and introduction to the Annual Meetings
[02:12] Addressing multiple crises in an era of volatility
[12:02] Food and fuel crises
[19:09] Inclusive growth and financial inclusion
[24:07] Financing the low-carbon, resilient transition
[27:01] Human capital and education
[33:30] Support to Ukraine
[36:21] Closing and thanks for tuning in!

News & Ways to Engage

The 2022 IMF-World Bank Group Annual Meetings: Unity in a time of crises

Read this blog to learn more about the meetings, which began on October 10, and find ways to engage throughout the week. Find out how to follow events on inclusive growth, climate, the food and fuel crises, and education. And learn how to participate throughout the week through online polls, in-person quizzes, virtual Q&A, social media engagement and beyond.

Be a Development Genius

Are you an expert in development? Join in person in our Main Complex, where we would like to challenge you and give you an opportunity to test your knowledge with our Development Genius Quiz. Compare your results with other contestants and share your results using #ResilientFuture for a chance to be featured on our @WorldBank channel.

World Bank Regional Economic Updates

Find out more about the macro-economic trends in each region in our latest economic updates for Africa, East Asia and the Pacific (EAP), Europe and Central Asia (ECA), Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and South Asia (SAR).

Poverty and Shared Prosperity Report 2022

The world is unlikely to meet the goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030 absent history-defying rates of economic growth over the remainder of this decade, according to the latest Poverty and Shared Prosperity report.

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