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The Human Face of Climate Change

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Human capital is essential for meeting the objectives of addressing climate change and fostering development. Without focused investments in people, climate change will accelerate global poverty, exacerbate inequities, and will itself continue unabated. Climate-smart human capital can alleviate the worst impacts of climate change on people and can also empower people to drive the green transition. Join us to discuss how putting human capital at the heart of climate policies can deliver good outcomes for both people and for the planet. 

Speakers are listed below

00:00 Welcome! COP27 | The Human Face of Climate Change
03:12 Opening remarks
07:51 Introduction to the panel discussion / Video case on Sahel
11:15 Social protection programs in Malawi
16:27 Adaptation to climate change
21:38 Opportunities for growth from adaptation
27:36 The support from the World Bank Group
32:32 The link between mitigation and adaptation
35:56 Justice and equity
42:20 Human capital and climate change
47:01 Encouraging private sector in Malawi
54:34 Closure

COP 27 Climate Action for People and the Planet

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