World Bank Data Privacy Day 2023

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World Bank Data Privacy Day 2023

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In today’s era of rapid digitalization and compounding crises, what data privacy issues and trends have emerged, and what best international practices to follow to use personal data responsibly?

Data Privacy Day is an international effort that takes place annually on January 28 to create awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust.

In this fourth annual Data Privacy Day event organized by the World Bank, seasoned data protection and privacy leaders and experts deep dive into the latest trends and offer insights into how development institutions, governments, and the private sector can play a critical role in addressing privacy risks. 



All times are indicated in U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST) or UTC-5.

Introduction by Mr. Riaz Ahmed, Director, Operational Risk, (CROOR), World Bank

Opening Remarks by Ms. Lakshmi Shyam-Sundar, World Bank Group Chief Risk Officer

Panel 1: Overview of Privacy Laws and Concepts

Mr. Daniel Solove, Professor of Law, George Washington Law School and CEO, TeachPrivacy

Conclusion by Mr. Riaz Ahmed, Director, Operational Risk, (CROOR), World Bank

Introduction by Mr. Riaz Ahmed, Director, Operational Risk, (CROOR), World Bank

Panel 2: Emerging Issues in Algorithms, AI, and Data Analytics

Mr. Daniel Solove,

Mr. Alvaro Bedoya

Ms. Brenda Leong

Conclusion by Mr. Riaz Ahmed, Director, Operational Risk, (CROOR), World Bank

Introduction by Mr. Riaz Ahmed, Director, Operational Risk, (CROOR), WB

Panel 3: Current Privacy Issues

Mr. Daniel Solove

Ms. Heather West,

Mr. Justin Antonipillai

Introduction of World Bank Perspective by Mr. Riaz Ahmed, Director, Operational Risk, (CROOR), World Bank

World Bank Perspective: Mr. David Satola, Lead Counsel, Technology & Innovation & Acting Chief Counsel, LEGOP

Q&A facilitated by Mr. Riaz Ahmed, Director, Operational Risk, (CROOR), World Bank

Remarks by Mr. Christopher Stephens, Senior Vice President & Group General Counsel, World Bank Group

Speaker Introduction by Mr. David Sullivan, Deputy General Counsel for Institutional Affairs, World Bank

Mr. Ryan Calo Lunchtime Talk

Q&A Mr. Ryan Calo + Mr. David Sullivan

World Bank Data Privacy Day 2023 Video Vivienne Arts OBE

"A culture of privacy is one that respects data and those to whom it relates."

World Bank Data Privacy Day 2023 Video Vincent Cassard

"How to ensure that humanitarian organizations can protect their capacity to work in a more and more digitalized environment?"

World Bank Data Privacy Day 2023 Video Marc Rotenberg

"A lot of the personal data that's being gathered now is being used in the context of machine learning."

World Bank Data Privacy Day 2023 Video J. Trevor Hughes

"Maybe this is what Data Privacy Day is all about: that we [data privacy professionals] are the guardians of trust of the digital economy."

World Bank Data Privacy Day 2023 Video Caroline Louveaux

"To get this right, it requires us to stay laser-focused on three areas: on people, on technology, and on partnerships."

World Bank Data Privacy Day 2023 Video John Edwards

"We must not lose sight of the groups of people who need the support of privacy laws but who are simply not aware of the rights they have in their jurisdictions."

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Hello everyone, and welcome to World Data Privacy Day 2023. It’s great to see so many people joining us from around the world. Please post your comments and question in this chat.
Shahana Basu (Chat Moderator)  

How can do africain countries (like Cameroon, Gabon, Tchad ...) to challenge the now hacking generation again great digital actors ?

when will resources (funds) be available for local companies working in line with WB and other institutions to solve problems?
Paul Newon 

Do you believe : it is impossible to de-crypt encrypted data.
Nitin R. Naik 

What the expectations about economic conditions in Pakistan.? Is there any chance that Pakistan will bhi default.

I am David Ariel singer from Pakistan Islamabad I want to more effort about SDGs5 gender equality for women empowerment, how can you help me
David Ariel 

We want the world to get peace the sooner the better because the weak and the poor get exhausted, and now the Kremlin try to recruit military force up to 1.5 millions by 2026, so when the war ended?
Leng Soksavang 

To overcome the financial crisis As an individual could take some initial steps what will be required?

What risks are associated with the farmers data protection in a scenario where the farmers are not notified or aware of the data being shared?

I am from Ethiopia, Ethiopia at this time we well fight each other special genocide over Tigray people, humanitarian blocked,Raping, starvation as a wapone and don't support the Ethiopian government by finance?
Daniel Hagos 

Help the Tigray people to withdraw the Eretrian troops from Tigray and The Amhara milisha, fano and special forces ? please give attention for Tigray people?
Daniel Hagos 

What is the effectiveness of digitalization?
Nimenya Dolias 

How, if at all, does this impact United Nations Global Compact Chief Financial Officer Taskforce protocols?
Andrew Williams Jr 

Why should the web space remain liberal to the infiltration of personally subscribed data for internet access with advertisements that the subscriber does not have a share in the proceed, profit or earnings from such adverts.
Olaolu Olufemi. B. 

What is the World Bank doing to fund technology for determining how much access others have to personal activities and data on and from the internet.
Olaolu Olufemi. B. 

Data privacy is important as it stops tale of mouths. Won't you think it will lead to misinterpretation of other's thoughts?

Since DATA is a very broad and comprehensive field of ICT, why can't the 'World Data Privacy Day' (which is restricted to the Privacy of Day) be changed to, for example, the 'Word Data Management Day' which accommodates all other aspects of data beyond the privacy)?
Aston Mwila Kuseka 

My question is that, does this international data privacy has office in African continent. If there is in which country. Thank you
Yusuf Magaji Abdullahi 

The present generation is not inclined to take up the dairy activity in view of the non availability of land to grow fodder due to urbanization. Further Freebees are offered to electorates indirectly the work force availability is a big risk ahead anticipated.
Dr Vontikonda 

How can Kerala an Indian state to improve their agricultural products export to global economy? How will world bank helps the farmers directly through Government owned public undertaking agencies?

We will join this program
Anish bhai 

What are the economic policies and procedures needed to stimulate private sectors development in Africa, south of the Sahara, especially in job creations and resource management?
Ishmael Faye 

How is the World Bank using its algorithms to level the playing field allowing women owned businesses to survive and thrive in 2023: Equal credit, equal pay?
Laura L. Dawson 

How can we ensure effective sharing of data without compromising on privacy?
Wangira Josephat Andrew Shete 

First off I would like to know what would be the safest data privacy regulation in an public institution ? As far as staff members privacy rights are concerned.
Paterson Lonsa 

MY second question is : how can some African goverments/ institutions Well store their data privacy employees from cyber-criminal group ? Cause they aren't on trend yet .
Paterson Lonsa 

What kind of ways to carry out in my country Kiribati with this awareness?

Private sector How to face global economy crisis in without world Bank sapport
Manoj Singh in India 

i want to ask one question about the vacancies in world bank how is the selection made when some one applies in a position which is announced to apply
Eskinder Fisahaye 

How can copyright protection apply to green building architecture design and related green Sustainable Projects?
Newon Sei Dunbar I 

What's the best way a small organization can verify consumer requests to access? Thank you.
Lee Merreot 

What can global institutions do to protect the data privacy of their stakeholders? Are these institutions doing enough?
Maya Chaturvedi 

What are the downsides of AI innovations like ChatGPT? How should these be regulated?
Peter Drake 

every time I'm distrustful regarding online lifestyle use. how can i be sure that im
Ilunga Sed 

Who is responsible for rising inflation

how can I be sure that I'm payed when using digital devices?
Ilunga Sed 

A l ere actuelle de la numérisation rapide et des crises qui s aggravent quels problèmes et tendance en matière des confidentialités des données ont émergé et quelles meilleures pratiques Internationales suivre par utiliser les données personnelles de manière responsable ?
Allavo prosper 

Discriminatory lending against women in business exists, at least this has been the historic case in the USA. What will the World Bank do to stop this misuse of data when lending to business owners who are women?
Laura L. Dawson 

How has the treatment centers corresponded to those that have input into the strategy providing outreach services in their Nations Capital plan-region, is it by Covid medicine dosage appointments?
Gary Anthony Carter 

Thierry tsang 

Policies to leapgfrog from Agricultural to Food Production ...example coffee growers to production of FINISHED GOODS LIKE...* NESCAFE*. Made in Europe.???
Thierry tsang 

Why the world Bank does not offer Genuine Developmental policies to Developping countries to transform the STRUCTURAL
Thierry tsang 

In what areas can privacy is important among coupls?
Adejo Abdul 

Publication of cov 19 results by relevant organisation in media reports,how lawful it is?
Dr Ramathe 

How can be among of the struggle

Sir, How can we get GPSA Partnership ooof WBG
Samir Kumar Das 

How can we ensure privacy when sharing data?
Shernel Bannis 

Thank you everyone for joining the World Bank Data Privacy Day 2023 online. It’s great to see so many people joining us from around the world. Please post your comments or question here in the event page at Event | World Bank Data Privacy Day 2023 | World Bank Live.
Shahana Basu (Chat Moderator)  

Do you think that at some point the world will decide on a universal privacy law? If so when?
Karen M Austin 

How do privacy regulations deal with the bias of values of those making decisions about what is good and right? We can each look at a behavior or action, and come up with a different point of view of its value on business and economies.
Laura L. Dawson 

What is your comment on privacy laws meant to spy on government personnel?

How can local or regional language helps to spread awareness about privacy and how world bank is catering this issue?
Sunil Kumar 

Do you see a link between Civil Rights and the Right to Privacy?
Karen M Austin 

Good day, i want know about data Privacy is intellectual property or not ?
Rashedul Islam 

Why world bank don't give advices to the Nigerian central bank governor about changing money period, because now we are facing to much problems that can never solve in time, because village market and farmer are not cellect Old money and new money are not available treaders lock shops in every where in Nigeria. please no food available because of new naira Nate how can we survived.
Sanusi Muhammad 

Welcome back from our short break.
Shahana Basu (Chat Moderator)  

My name is Manoj Singh in India how to economic growth devlopment in the world Deta is a must privacy sistem improve
Manoj Singh in India 

Data integrity is essential in the practice of medical services, health care. Often times what a patient needs is not clearly defined even by the patient, then must be interpreted by the provider, to treat that set of disease in order to relieve suffering of patient. How can we be assured the data bias is in the favor of the patient's outcome.
Laura L. Dawson 

Bias may discriminate to the benefit as well as to over-rule against an individual. This then becomes the issue. Laws are then the norm regulators, thereby putting a fair amount of power into attorneys and the Law; their bias in interpreting the law. We see bias at this time in the Supreme Court in the USA. This becomes implicit bias.
Laura L. Dawson 

Women may wear make-up to protect our skin, rather than the assumption it was to beautify appearance artificially.
Laura L. Dawson 

Health are at the National Institutes of Health, did not included women in research, simply by the lack of women participation in the "job, employment" markets. Health care did not perform a significant amount of research on pregnant women, thereby making pregnancy a higher risk period of time in a women's lifetime, during which more care may be helpful, especially to reduce Maternal Mortality Rates MMR by the World Health Organization stats.
Laura L. Dawson 

I've heard that some organizations don't even know all of the data they have or how is it stored - do you think that's more widespread than the occasional news story? What's the significance of this - can they fix things if they don't even fully understand things?

Words like can and may, begin to have more value in the vocabulary of health care professionals. We do not cure anything, we attempt to reduce suffering, symptoms, allowing the patient to lead their own life in a better Quality Of Life [a term added to the providers measurement of delivery of services by the World Health Organization at the onset of this millenia. Equations were put into place to measure a lifetime, and the Quality of LIfe, as a subjective term. There was a written statement by the World Health Organization that ended its term 2023.
Laura L. Dawson 

That concludes the discussion. Thank you to all who tuned in! The event replay will be available here or on WB Live. Please stay tuned in for our next panel discussion on Current Privacy Issues featuring Ms. Heather West, Senior Director of Cybersecurity, Venable LLP and former Director of Privacy Policy, Meta and Mr. Justin Antonipillai, Founder & CEO, WireWheel and Former Under Secretary of Economic Affairs, US Department of Commerce. This panel will be moderated by Professor Daniel Solove. Following that, we will hear remarks on privacy and technology from the World Bank perspective from Mr. David Satola, Lead Counsel, Technology & Innovation, World Bank.
Shahana Basu (Chat Moderator)  

Welcome back from our short break!
Shahana Basu (Chat Moderator)  

Do we need to harmonize cross-border data regulations across regions? What will be the best-case approach if this should be done?
Desmond Israel 

Most Adtech companies often believe that their advertising efforts are insulated from privacy and data security issues because they are using aggregated and “anonymized” data. Does the panel share this view? What are the counter arguments if any?
Desmond Israel 

Should some things be beyond the reach of ads entirely so that there's no good reason for marketers to have that data (e.g. medicine, other essential services)? It is often the case for medicine outside th US, which is an outlier in that regard

With all the 2nd verification steps to get into our own accounts, we lose time and miss opportunities. Yet AI does not know that I no longer visit that office, highway, or city for what reason. This is much time lost on analysis by AI, and often inaccurate. How will this be addressed?
Laura L. Dawson 

In health care, there is critical use of time, to save a life. Privacy?? No, just save the life first and address the concerns about how you got your approvals, in a pre-existing approval by the patient, under expanded conditions.
Laura L. Dawson 

Qs for David Satola, in what region has the World Bank been focusing on most when it comes to Privacy&Digital Development projects and why?
B. Sproviero 

Thank you all at the World Bank Group, for opening this platform and the minds associated with it today.
Laura L. Dawson 

That concludes the last panel discussion for the Privacy Academy. We hope you enjoyed the insightful discussion with the panel and with Mr. David Satola, Lead Counsel, Technology & Innovation, World Bank and wonderful Closing Remarks from Mr. Christopher Stephens, Senior Vice President and World Bank Group General Counsel. Thank you for tuning in. Please stay with us to listen to a fascinating lunchtime talk on Privacy and Vulnerability by Mr. Ryan Calo, Professor, University of Washington Law School & Chair, World Bank External Expert Reviewer Panel.
Shahana Basu (Chat Moderator)  

We are back after a short lunch break for our last session with Professor Ryan Calo.
Shahana Basu (Chat Moderator)  

Please submit your questions for Professor Ryan Calo on this chat.
Shahana Basu (Chat Moderator)  

Is there any on going research studies on the effect of the privacy violation on people? If not, why not and when will it commence? If there are, is it not important to make the findings more easily assessible so that there can be more seriousness attached to responsibility and accountability.
Ayobola Annie ALO 

We have very little data protection in Paraguay. What can you when the financial institutions and the telephhone Companies sell your data? We receive ads we don't want to.I don't know what else they do with my info
VICENTE Aguilar 

Given that a lot of employees of MDBs are watching this, many of whom are likely operational (in the field), what can they do to be more cognizant of projects that may induce vulnerability?

That concludes our event. We hope you enjoyed participating virtually in World Bank Data Privacy Day 2023 and we look forward to seeing you next year!
Shahana Basu (Chat Moderator)