Delivering Climate Action While We Feed the World

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Delivering Climate Action While We Feed the World

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Developing countries have the opportunity to simultaneously reduce emissions from agriculture, while supporting adaptation priorities. The World Bank is committed to helping client countries achieve this goal, having already increased financing for climate-smart agriculture by 7 times since the Paris Agreement. This event will discuss key initiatives and operations, in a synthesized way, for delivering climate mitigation action to sub-sectors such as livestock and rice and will showcase relevant Bank projects, while engaging the voices of client countries around key mitigation themes.

00:00 Welcome! COP27 | Delivering Climate Action While We Feed the World
00:39 Visions from Somalia
05:07 Introductory remarks
13:11 Food systems, climate action, GHG emissions, food security
29:10 Scaling up climate smart agriculture in Bangladesh
34:16 Initiatives and programs from the US government
37:12 Food systems and climate financing
39:23 Getting involved the private sector
40:37 Closure

"In spite of today's daunting crises, the world's food systems will have to become much more productive by 2050. If we are to feed a global population of 10 billion people, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We don't have the choice."

— Benoît Bosquet, Regional Director, Sustainable Development, East Asia and Pacific, The World Bank

"Food security and climate change are inseparable now …. Droughts, floods and increased heat are already impacting food systems."

— Rick Duke, U.S. Deputy Special Envoy for Climate

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Global Lead for Climate Smart Agriculture and Lead Agricultural Economist, The World Bank

Hello everyone, and welcome to Delivering Climate Action While We Feed the World. We'll start the event in a few minutes. Please stay tuned and submit your comments and questions using the live chat.
William R. Sutton 


Welcome everyone! I’m William Sutton with the World Bank, and I will be live blogging this event.
William R. Sutton 


The panel discussion will begin shortly, after the opening remarks from Benoit Bosquet.
William R. Sutton 


Please submit your comments and questions in the chat
William R. Sutton 


The panel discussion begins now, with a series of thought-provoking questions posed by our moderator, Julian Lampietti. The panel consists of Ministers of Agriculture from around the world, and senior representatives from development partners and the private sector.
William R. Sutton 


With a fast-growing demographic and ever-increasing needs, is it realistic to promise to reduce emissions and succeed in feeding everyone with healthy food? Shouldn't we focus on limiting births to hope to meet this challenge?
Attendee #55 
Thanks for the question. As Mr. Duke said, the priority has to continue to be to feed the world, especially children. We need to promote multiple "wins" from agriculture, including increasing productivity, enhancing resilience, and reducing emissions where possible. Fortunately agriculture can provide such triple-win solutions.
William R. Sutton 


That concludes the discussion. Thank you to all who tuned in! If you’ve missed anything, note that the recording of the event will be available on this page.
William R. Sutton 

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