Runa Khan

Runa Khan

Founder and Executive Director, Friendship NGO

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Ms. Runa Khan, an Ashoka fellow and Schwab Foundation social entrepreneur, is the Founder and Executive Director of Friendship NGO. Friendship was founded drawing upon Ms. Runa Khan’s wide range of practical experiences of teaching, setting up small businesses, tourism, and communication among others and pioneered floating hospitals, provides integrated services for climate-impacted communities, and delivers educational services. She is a published author with eight books and is a prominent advocate of climate change, human rights, women empowerment, leadership & nurturing human values. . She is the Board Member of Global Dignity and Country Chair of Global Dignity Bangladesh and the Founder of Friendship International that is working in four European countries, fundraising and building relationships for Friendship in Bangladesh. Her work is based on simple logic, empathy, respect, deep sense of justice and innovation. Ms. Runa Khan received several international awards and recognition, including Green Award by Positive Planet (2016), Schwab Foundation’s Social Entrepreneur Award (2012), IDB Award for contribution toward Women in development (2008), Rolex Awards for Entrepreneurship (2006), and Ashoka Fellowship (1994).

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