Inés Yábar

Inés Yábar

Global Youth Power Manager, Restless Development

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Expertise on: Climate Change

Yábar is a young activist from Peru who’s been actively working towards a more sustainable future since she was 15. By volunteering in beach clean-ups on the coastline of Peru, she helped collect data and organize thousands of volunteers to help inform policies in Peru. She is currently the Lead Next General Fellow at the UN Foundation and previously works as the Global Youth Power Manager for Restless Development helping young people achieve a more just and sustainable world and sits on the leadership team. In 2021, she led the Youth Power Hacks helping young people find solutions to the issues in their communities. Yábar is on the board of L.O.O.P., a grassroots women-led Peruvian social impact company conserving the marine ecosystem, and of Ensemble pour TECHO, which she co-founded with organizations in France, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, and Japan to reach the 2030 agenda. She was a part of the Peruvian delegation in COP25, focusing on the topic of deforestation and represented the Missing Majority at COP26 and COP27. Yábar is also a Global Shaper (Lima Hub), a Plastic Action Champion and sits on the Global Plastic Action Partnership Advisory committee. 

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