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Delivering Climate Action While We Feed the World

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Developing countries have the opportunity to simultaneously reduce emissions from agriculture, while supporting adaptation priorities. The World Bank is committed to helping client countries achieve this goal, having already increased financing for climate-smart agriculture by 7 times since the Paris Agreement. This event will discuss key initiatives and operations, in a synthesized way, for delivering climate mitigation action to sub-sectors such as livestock and rice and will showcase relevant Bank projects, while engaging the voices of client countries around key mitigation themes.

00:00 Welcome! COP27 | Delivering Climate Action While We Feed the World
00:39 Visions from Somalia
05:07 Introductory remarks
13:11 Food systems, climate action, GHG emissions, food security
29:10 Scaling up climate smart agriculture in Bangladesh
34:16 Initiatives and programs from the US government
37:12 Food systems and climate financing
39:23 Getting involved the private sector
40:37 Closure