Event Replays | Spring Meetings 2022

Investing in resilience, managing uncertainty:
Helping countries build a greener more inclusive future

APRIL 18-24, 2022

Conflict, COVID and climate change have combined to create unprecedented challenges for developing countries. At these Spring Meetings – taking place in the shadow of war in Ukraine – the World Bank Group will convene leaders, experts and activists to discuss the impact of these global shocks on the most vulnerable communities.

The ongoing pandemic is worsening poverty and inequality, undermining growth and jeopardizing the prospects of resilient and inclusive development.  Now crises around the world, including the war in Ukraine, have aggravated those uncertainties in ways that will reverberate around the globe, harming the most vulnerable people in the most fragile places and threatening even greater reversals in development.

More countries are struggling with rising risks of fragility, conflict and instability; increasing debt vulnerabilities; dropping literacy rates; and the impacts of climate change. Preparing for future crises and strengthening international cooperation are essential to deliver a resilient recovery and a better future for those most in need.

Live Events on International Development

All the event replays are available with simultaneous interpretation in Arabic, French and Spanish

President's Speech & Press Conference

Watch the replay of the speech pronounced by President Malpass in Poland on April 12th, and the Spring Meetings opening press conference, which took place on April 20th.


Featured Speakers

Global Audiences Weigh in on Key Development Issues

The Development Podcast: Highlights from the Spring Meetings

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