The SDGs and Big Data

Big data is drastically improving our ability to understand the world around us. This event will showcase how big data and new technologies allow cities and local communities to seize new opportunities for jobs and manufacturing; deliver effective and inclusive transport and energy services; prepare for disasters; and target assistance to those who need it most. Join us to discuss how the public and private sectors can partner to unlock big data’s potential.

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The Event has concluded


UN Deputy Secretary-General

Senior Director, Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice, World Bank Group

Vice President, South Asia Region, World Bank Group

Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, Egypt

CEO, Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

McKinsey Global Institute

Director, Space Enabled Research Group Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Executive Director, Kampala Capital City Authority

Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Administrative Officer (MDCAO)

Senior Vice President, World Bank Group

Director General of Planning, Colombia

Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Rwanda

Executive Director, Network of Estonian Non-Profit Organizations

Vice-President, European Investment Bank

Chief of Special Projects for the President of Mexico

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