Catalyzing the Green Digital Transformation

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Catalyzing the Green Digital Transformation

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This event tackles challenges and opportunities for low- and middle-income countries to reduce digital sector emissions and harness technologies for adaptation and mitigation. Highlights from the forthcoming report, Catalyzing the Green Digital Transformation, and country examples will be discussed during a panel with speakers from public, private and development sectors.

00:00 Welcome! COP27 | Catalyzing the Green Digital Transformation
02:24 Opening remarks
09:04 Introduction of panel discussion
09:37 WBG infrastructure portfolio and digital development
12:29 The work of GIZ in green digital transformation
15:45 Scaling, moving faster, and acceleration
19:15 Visions from Ghana
21:52 The work of the European Commission in catalyzing private sector money
25:00 The work of Google with the public sector
29:02 Accelerating investments into green digital
31:26 Private sector, government, and market dynamics
33:40 Closing remarks

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Hello everyone, and welcome to “Catalyzing the Green Digital Transformation”. We'll start the event in a few minutes. Please stay tuned and submit your comments and questions using the live chat.

You can join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #ClimateActionWBG.
Anne Elicano-Shields 


Welcome everyone! I’m Anne Elicano-Shields with the World Bank, and I will be live blogging this event. Raj Kumar, President & Editor-and-Chief, Devex, is moderating the discussion on the ground.
Anne Elicano-Shields 


Listed on this page you can see the speakers participating in today’s discussion. The event will begin with introductory remarks from Mari Pangestu, Managing Director, Development Policy and Partnerships of the World Bank.
Anne Elicano-Shields 


Mari sets the stage for the session by introducing the big picture of how climate change is a challenge, and the role digital can play for climate action by “greening of ICT” and “greening with ICT.”
Anne Elicano-Shields 


Mari highlights how the digital sector is a small but growing source of global GHG emissions. The carbon emissions from the sector range from 1.4% to 4% of global emissions, which is similar to that of the airline industry.To reach the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C, emissions from the digital sector will need to be reduced by at least half by 2030.
Anne Elicano-Shields 


Given the important nexus of digital technologies and climate action, Mari says, the World Bank is launching today a preview of its flagship report on “Catalyzing the Green Digital Transformation.”
Anne Elicano-Shields 


Mari concludes by thanking everyone. Join the conversation on Twitter or LinkedIn with the hashtag #ClimateActionWBG. We want to hear your thoughts!
Anne Elicano-Shields 


The panel discussion begins. Riccardo Puliti, Vice President of Infrastructure of the World Bank, shares how the World Bank is operationalizing the Green Digital Transformation.
Anne Elicano-Shields 


Riccardo says there are a couple of actions the Bank believe are necessary: (1) Many governments are committed to both climate action and digital transformation – but most often in silos. Bridging these ambitions is a task that requires policy dialogue, capacity building and general awareness raising. (2) It’s important to demonstrate what Green Digital means in action, particularly in the context of lower middle-income countries.
Anne Elicano-Shields 


Raj asks Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven, Managing Director of GIZ- what aspects of the Green Digital Transformation does GIZ see as the most critical?
Anne Elicano-Shields 


I am hoping to hear how Africa specifically can close the digital gab in green transformation
Attendee #83 


Raj concludes the panel discussion with Riccardo and Ingrid. Raj introduces a video from Ursula Owusu, Minister of Communications and Technology of Ghana.
Anne Elicano-Shields 


Remember, you can join the conversation on Twitter or LinkedIn with the hashtag #ClimateActionWBG. We want to hear your thoughts!
Anne Elicano-Shields 


Carla Montesi, Director for Green Deal and Digital Agenda (Directorate-General for International Partnerships, European Commission) joins the discussion.
Anne Elicano-Shields 


Marsden Hanna, Global Head of Sustainability and Climate Policy (Google) shares what it’s like working with the public sector. Google has taken on a net zero goal last year and has undertaken a "greening of IT and by IT".
Anne Elicano-Shields 


That concludes the discussion. Thank you to all who tuned in! If you’ve missed anything, note that the recording of the event is already available on this page.
Anne Elicano-Shields 


This discussion was very insightful
Attendee #86 

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