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SDGs in Action: Integrating the SDGs into National Budgets

April 12, 2019

Atrium, World Bank Group Headquarters, Washington DC

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SDGs in Action: Integrating the SDGs into National Budgets

April 12, 2019


A collaboration between the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions Global Practice (EFI) and the World Bank Group Senior Vice Presidency for the 2030 Development Agenda, UN Relations and Partnerships - SDGs in Action: Integrating the SDGs into National Budgets - underscored the fact that the SDGs set an ambitious path to 2030 that will require investments of all kinds – both public and private. The seminar shone light on a key area in need of attention - how to translate the SDGs into national budgets. It explored how countries can cost out gaps to achieve the SDGs and seek to fill those gaps by mobilizing resources and budgeting for SDG activities to be translated into tangible policy and implementation at the country level. Panelists comprising of country leaders and policy makers, discussed avenues to tackle fiscal and planning challenges to budget for, and build, successful outcomes for the SDGs.



Senior Vice President, World Bank Group

Chief Executive Officer of the World Bank

UN Deputy Secretary-General

Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Minister of Finance, Indonesia

Secretary of State for International Development, United Kingdom

Vitor Gaspar, Director, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF

Director, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF

Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, Egypt

Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Netherlands

Under Secretary-General, DESA, United Nations

Director of the National Planning Department of Colombia

Vice President, Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions, World Bank Group

President, European Investment Bank