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Launch Event: Global Initiative to End Routine Gas Flaring

Thousands of gas flares at oil production sites around the globe wastefully burn billions of cubic meters of natural gas annually, causing millions of tons of CO2 to be emitted to the atmosphere. Flaring of gas contributes to climate change and impacts the environment through emission of CO2, black carbon, and other pollutants. It also wastes a valuable energy resource that could be used to advance the sustainable development of producing countries.

The World Bank, along with numerous governments, industry, and development partners, is launching a global Initiative aimed at accelerating the elimination of routine flaring at oil production sites around the world.

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Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell

Minister of Petroleum and Hydrocarbons, Republic of Gabon

CEO, Sustainable Energy for All Initiative, United Nations

Executive Vice President, Sustainable Development, TOTAL

President and CEO, Statoil

Senior Director, Energy & Extractives Global Practice, World Bank Group

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norway

Secretary-General, United Nations

Former World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim on October 24, 2013 in Washington DC. Photo © Dominic Chavez/World Bank

Former President, World Bank Group

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