Stepping up Early Childhood Development: An Investment for Life

A child’s earliest years present the best window of opportunity to ensure good outcomes later in life. Early childhood development programs that include education, health, nutrition and social protection components have proven to be effective in several countries, but despite this growing evidence, more than 200 million children in developing countries under the age of 5 will not reach their development potential.

The panel discussed how to use the evidence to influence policy makers and scale up investments moving forward to ensure that children not only survive their early years, but also thrive during this period. This event was convened by the World Bank Group and co-hosted by the Global Partnership for Education.

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Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF

Executive Director, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation

Professor of Child Health, Child Development and Behavior, University of West Indies, Jamaica

President & CEO, Save the Children

Founder, Innovation and Excellence in Education Policies

Minister of National Education, Senegal

Chief Executive Officer, Global Partnership for Education

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