World Bank Live - Spring Meetings 2014


International food prices just hit a four-year low… so why should we worry about a food price crisis? Join José Cuesta, author of the Food Price Watch report, for a truly global chat on why now is the ideal moment to prepare for the next food price crisis.

José Cuesta
Senior Economist

Tune in for the plenary sessions of the second annual Youth Summit. This year's event will focus on increased youth engagement in issues relating to government transparency, accountability, and collaborative governance.

Mario Marcel
Senior Director, World Bank Group
Ahmad Alhendawi
U.N. Envoy for Youth
Nigel Chapman
Chief Executive Officer, Plan International

What can Latin American countries do to reduce inequalities and increase opportunities for the most vulnerable citizens? How can these countries promote economic growth that guarantees universal access to quality public services?

Augusto de la Torre
World Bank Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean
Sergio Jellinek
Manager, External Affairs, Latin America, World Bank Group

More than 1 billion people still live in poverty and the gap between ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ is growing in many developing nations. Join Chinese talk show host Yang Lan for a conversation on the issue with World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim and World Bank Chief Economist Kaushik Basu.

Dr. Jim Yong Kim
President, World Bank Group
Yang Lan
Chairperson, Sun Media Group and Sun Culture Foundation
Kaushik Basu
Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, World Bank Group

Securing good jobs for youth is a global priority. Tune in for a global initiative that addresses the pervasive challenge of youth employment and underemployment.

Dr. Jim Yong Kim
President, World Bank Group
Ahmad Alhendawi
United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, United Nations
Jörg Asmussen
Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Germany
Adrian Lajtha
Chief Leadership Officer, Accenture
Hans Peter Manz
Austrian Ambassador to the United States
Imge Kaya Sabanci
Turkey Program Manager, Goldman Sachs
Christian Syse
Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway
Erion Veliaj
Minister for Social Welfare and Youth, Albania
Femi Oke - Moderator
Journalist, Host of Al Jazeera's "The Stream".

How can governments capture and channel revenues from resource wealth into smart investments? Join a discussion on channeling revenues from extractive industries—oil, gas and mining—to end poverty through diversified growth and development.

Samuel Walsh
Chief Executive Officer, Rio Tinto Group
Sri Mulyani Indrawati
Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer, World Bank Group
Marinke van Riet
International Director, Publish What You Pay
Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop
Deputy Chairman, Khazanah
Ombeni Sefue
Chief Secretary of Government, Tanzania

The Global Monitoring Report details Millennium Development Goals progress, analyzes efforts to reduce poverty, improve schooling, reduce maternal and child mortality, and ensure safe water and sanitation.

Kaushik Basu
Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, World Bank Group
Jos Verbeek
Manager, Global Monitoring Report, World Bank Group
Lynge Nielsen
Senior Economist, International Monetary Fund
Claudia Costin
Senior Director, Education Global Practice, World Bank Group
Denny Kalyalya
Executive Director for Botswana, Burundi, Eritrea, World Bank Group
Shereen Allam
Founder, Association for Women’s Total Advancement and Development, Egypt

Join International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde and World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim as they engage with representatives from global Civil Society Organizations in an interactive town hall event.

Dr. Jim Yong Kim
President, World Bank Group
Christine Lagarde
Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
Buddy Buruku - Moderator
African Centre for Economic Transformation, Ghana

This event will focus on avenues African policymakers can pursue to increase economic growth for broad segments of their societies. Challenges to be discussed include rapid urbanization of the continent, and difficulties in generating new sources of growth.

Danny Leipziger
Former Vice President, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
Minister of Finance, Federal Republic of Nigeria
Claver Gatete
Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Rwanda
Benno Ndulu
Governor, Central Bank of Tanzania
Ravi Kanbur
T. H. Lee Professor of World Affairs, Cornell University

This event will launch the 2014 Policy Research Report: A Measured Approach to Ending Poverty and Boosting Shared Prosperity, explaining the options for most accurately measuring progress on the World Bank Group’s twin goals.

Stephen O’Connell
Chief Economist, USAID
Kaushik Basu
Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, World Bank Group
Asli Demirgüç-Kunt
Director of Research, Development Research Group, World Bank Group
Nora Lustig
Samuel Z. Stone Professor of Latin American Economics, Tulane University
James Foster
Professor of Economics & Intl. Affairs, George Washington University
Peter Lanjouw
Research Manager, Development Research Group, World Bank Group
Dean Jolliffe
Senior Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank Group

South Asia has often described as a land of extremes, with opulent palaces surrounded by unbelievable poverty. Does this still hold true? When does inequality matter and when is it good and bad?

Amartya Sen
Nobel-Laureate Economist and Harvard Professor
Martin Rama
Chief Economist, South Asia
Ana Revenga
Global Practice Senior Director for Poverty, World Bank Group
Arvind Panagariya
Professor of Economics, Columbia University
Pranab K. Bardhan
Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of California, Berkeley

How can economic growth benefit more people? Why and how should the public and private sectors work more closely together to create the conditions for inclusive growth? Join us for a live-streamed discussion on transforming economies to benefit the poor.

Dr. Jim Yong Kim
President, World Bank Group
Justine Greening
UK Secretary of State for International Development
Peter Sands
Group Chief Executive, Standard Chartered Bank
Ali Ansari
President and Chief Executive Officer, Engro Corporation
Jane Nelson - Moderator
Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School

Join us for a panel to discuss how the international community can achieve better results in the creation of more and better jobs, particularly for vulnerable workers such as women and youth.

Paul Lister
Company Secretary, Associated British Foods
Benno Ndulu
Governor, Central Bank of Tanzania
Atiur Rahman
Governor, Bangladesh Bank

How can a city become a place where people are healthy and prosperous, opportunities exist for the urban poor, and policies address crime and violence? Can new technologies make governments more accountable to citizens?

Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah
Secretary General, CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation
Xavier de Souza Briggs
Vice President for Economic Opportunity and Assets, Ford Foundation
Sri Mulyani Indrawati
Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer, World Bank Group
Achref Aouadi
Founder and President, I Watch
Jane Fountain
University of Massachusetts Amherst, Director, National Center for Digital Government
Tri Rismaharini
Mayor of Surabaya, Indonesia

World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim reports on the Bank Group's progress and plans for next year during the October 11 plenary session of the Annual Meetings in Washington DC.

Dr. Jim Yong Kim
President, World Bank Group

This event will engage high-level representatives of Ministries, the United Nations, the private sector, bilateral agencies, foundations, CSOs, and other development partners to explore how to facilitate an effective launch of the post-2015 agenda.

Mahmoud Mohieldin
Special Envoy for the President, World Bank Group
Huguette Labelle
Chair, Transparency International
Mark Suzman
President, Global Policy, Advocacy, and Country Programs, Gates Foundation
Maria Kiwanuka
Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Republic of Uganda
Guido Bichisao
Director of Institutional Strategy, EIB
Matt Gamser
Chief Operations Officer, SME Finance Forum, IFC
Csaba Kőrösi
Permanent Representative of Hungary to the UN
Pertti Majanen
Permanent Representative of Finland to the UN
Amina Mohammed
Special Adviser of the UNSG on Post-2015 Development Planning
Mansur Muhtar
Executive Director, Angola, Nigeria & South Africa, World Bank Group
Werner Hoyer
President, European Investment Bank
Michael Keen
Deputy Director, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF
Hans Brattskar
State Secretary, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

What will it take to double the current share of renewables in the global energy mix? Tune in for a discussion on what governments, business and development partners need to do to shift the needle on renewables while balancing environmental and equity issues.

Dr. Jim Yong Kim
President, World Bank Group
Ed Crooks
US Industry and Energy Editor, Financial Times
Ram Sharan Mahat
Finance Minister, Nepal
Leonardo Beltran
Deputy Secretary for Planning and Energy Transition, Mexico
Giulio Boccaletti, Ph.D.
Global Managing Director for Water, The Nature Conservancy
Benedito Braga
President, The World Water Council
Wandee Khunchornyakong
Chairman & CEO, SPCG Public Company Limited, Thailand
Michael Liebreich
Founder, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

How will we feed 9 billion people by 2050, in the face of environmental challenges? Hear from a high-level expert panel on how a move toward climate-smart agriculture, more integrated landscapes and seascapes, and more sustainable supply chains can help ensure food for the future.

Thomas Silberhorn
Parliamentary State Secretary, Germany
Akinwumi Adesina
Minister of Agriculture & Rural Development, Federal Republic of Nigeria
Susan Jackson
President, International Seafood Sustainability Foundation
David Beckmann
President, Bread for the World
Howard-Yana Shapiro
Chief Agricultural Officer, Mars, Incorporated

This event will examine how digital identity can help developing countries leapfrog to more efficient 21st century systems. It will also explore effective ways donors and development partners can assist countries in building these systems.

Christian Paradis
Minister of International Development, Canada
Stela Mocan
Executive Director, eGovernment Center, Moldova
Joseph J. Atick
Chairman, Identity Council International
Edward Omane Boamah
Minister of Communications, Ghana
Kathy Calvin (Moderator)
President and CEO, UN Foundation

Tune in for a lively debate with policymakers, researchers, business people and civil society members to discuss the way forward in addressing unemployment problems in the Middle East & North Africa.

Matthew Bishop
Globalization Editor, the Economist
Shantayanan Devarajan
Chief Economist, Middle East and North Africa, World Bank Group
Inger Andersen
Vice President of Middle East and North Africa region, World Bank Group
May Habib
Chief Executive Officer, Qordoba UAE
Hany Dimian
Minister of Finance, Egypt
Marc Schiffbauer
Economist, World Bank Group
Walid Bel Hadj Amor
President, Tunisian Center for Monitoring and Business Intelligence

This event aims to raise awareness of the need to ramp up financing in areas affected by conflict and fragility while considering the World Bank Group’s role as a convener of finance across a range of instruments.

Femi Oke - Moderator
Journalist, Host of Al Jazeera's "The Stream".
Joachim von Amsberg
Vice President, Development Finance (DFi), World Bank Group
Karin Finkelston
Vice President, IFC Global Partnerships, World Bank Group
Diana Layfield
Chief Executive Officer, Africa Region for Standard Chartered Bank
Bella Bird
Country Director, Somalia, Sudan & South Sudan, World Bank Group
Mogens Jensen
Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation, Denmark

This panel discussion will explore the emerging importance of global value chains (GVCs) in global trade and the implications of that rise for low-income countries. No longer is trade as simple as manufacturing a product in one country and selling it to another.

Dr. Jim Yong Kim
President, World Bank Group
Anabel González
Senior Director, Trade & Competitiveness, World Bank Group
John G. Rice
Vice Chairman, General Electric Company
Roberto Azevedo
Director-General, World Trade Organization

This event will focus on the links between economic growth, structural transformation and poverty reduction in Africa. Rapid growth in Africa since 1995 has largely been driven by the natural resources and services sectors, whereas the share of agriculture and manufacturing in GDP have fallen. What does this imply for the “quality” of Africa's growth? In particular, what can the data tell us about how growth in different sectors of the economy translates into poverty reduction? Are there implications for growth-promoting policies?

Makhtar Diop
Vice President, Africa Region, World Bank Group
Francisco Ferreira
Chief Economist, Africa, World Bank Group

The forum will focus on ongoing efforts as well potential synergies across the various priorities and initiatives undertaken at international and country levels on illicit financial flows within the context of development financing.

Mogens Jensen
Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation, Denmark
Hans Brattskar
State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway
Raymond Baker
President, Global Financial Integrity
Leonard Frank McCarthy
Integrity Vice President, World Bank Group

The joint World Bank-IMF Development Committee will address the media at the close of the 2014 Annual Meetings.

Dr. Jim Yong Kim
President, World Bank Group
Christine Lagarde
Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

The event will focus on this year’s theme of “Generation Open.” It aims to provide a forum for students and early career researchers to explore how the transition to Open Access affects scholars and researchers at different stages of their careers.