World Bank Chief Economist Kaushik Basu, joined by Amartya Sen and Nicholas Stern, will argue that our conceptualization of how the law impacts the economy is flawed. In particular, there is a close and intricate connection between human beliefs and the effectiveness of the law.

Kaushik Basu
Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, World Bank Group
Nicholas Stern
I.G. Patel Professor of Economics, London School of Economics
Amartya Sen
Nobel-Laureate Economist and Harvard Professor

Jeffrey D. Sachs presents a compelling framework for how global citizens can take a holistic pathway forward to address the seemingly intractable worldwide problems of persistent extreme poverty, environmental degradation, and political-economic injustice: sustainable development.

Jeffrey D. Sachs
Director, Earth Institute / Professor of Health Policy and Management, Columbia University
Nigel Twose
Senior Director, Jobs Group, World Bank Group

What measures can help to eradicate, once and for all, chronic poverty? What kind of job opportunities should we offer to the chronic poor? Can Latin America learn from other countries with lower rates of chronic poverty? Does the region have any answers for the world?

Jamele Rigolini
Program Leader for Human Development and Poverty, World Bank Group

Michael Green will explain how the Social Progress Index measures the inclusiveness of 132 countries and how it is being used by governments, businesses and civil society organizations to drive change.

Michael Green
Executive Director, Social Progress Imperative