July 23, 2014
13:00 GMT
Pierre Guislain
Senior Director, Transport and ICT GP, World Bank
Andrew Stott
UK Transparency Board Member and World Bank Consultant
Joel Gurin
Author, “Open Data Now” and Project Director, “Open Data 500”
Prasanna Lal Das
Lead Program Officer, Open Finances, World Bank
Amparo Ballivian
Lead Economist and Task Manager, “Partnership for Open Data”
Randeep Sudan
Practice Manager for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), World Bank
Michael Chui
Partner, McKinsey Global Institute
Jeff Kaplan
Director of Multilateral and NGO, Socrata
Daniel Castro
Director, Center for Data Innovation

July 24, 2014
16:00 GMT
Dr. Jim Yong Kim
President, World Bank Group
Jorge Familiar
Vice President, Latin America the Caribbean, World Bank Group
Eric Hanushek
Paul and Jean Hanna Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution of Stanford University
Barbara Bruns
Lead Education Economist, Latin America and the Caribbean Region, World Bank Group

July 24, 2014
16:00 GMT
Doctor Jim Yong Kim
Presidente del Grupo del Banco Mundial
Jorge Familiar
Vicepresidente del Banco Mundial, América Latina y el Caribe
Biografia: Prof. Eric Hanushek
Pesquisador sênior do Instituto Hoover da Universidade de Stanford
Biografia: Barbara Bruns
Economista-chefe na área de educação, Banco Mundial para a América Latina e o Caribe