World Bank Live - Spring Meetings 2014

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Why is it that 1.3 billion women still don't have a bank account? How can we promote more women into leadership roles in the financial industry & make sure women have greater access to mobile phones? These kinds of questions will be at the heart of the debate among industry leaders and economists during the annual Gender & the Economy event.

Megan McArdle
Columnist, Bloomberg View
Barbara Byrne
Vice Chairman, Investment Banking, Barclays
Stephen Kehoe
SVP, Head of Global Financial Inclusion, Visa Inc.
Leora Klapper
Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank
Steven J. Puig
Executive Vice President and General Manager, Banco BHD León
Jin-Yong Cai
Executive Vice President and CEO, IFC
Gloria M. Grandolini
Senior Director, Finance and Markets Global Practice, World Bank Group
Caren Grown
Senior Director, Gender CCSA, World Bank Group
Henriette Kolb
Head, Gender Secretariat, International Finance Corporation