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World Bank researchers have been trying to assess the extent of extreme poverty in the world since 1979. New data shows that in poor countries, $1.25 no longer buys what it used to. The new $1.90 per day poverty line better reflects the real cost of living in poor countries today.

Asli Demirgüç-Kunt
Director of Research, Development Research Group, World Bank Group
Francisco Ferreira
Senior Adviser, Development Research Group, World Bank
Jan Walliser
Vice President, Equitable Growth, Finance, and Institutions

Corruption is a threat to progress and no country is immune. Join us for opportunity to engage with experts on the reasons underlying corruption in many countries. Share your questions and insights on how stronger governance, elevated citizens awareness and good corporate practice can guide global efforts to minimize corruption.

Anders Hjorth Agerskov
Lead Specialist, Preventive Services Unit, Integrity Vice Presidency
J. David Fielder
Manager, Operations, Integrity Vice Presidency, World Bank Group
Alexandra Habershon
Program Coordinator, Integrity Vice Presidency, World Bank Group
David Hawkes
Head, Special Litigation Unit, Integrity Vice Presidency, World Bank
Jean Pesme
Practice Manager, Finance & Markets Global Practice, World Bank Group
Joel Turkewitz
Program Coordinator, Regional Governance Hub, World Bank Group

There are many solutions to address climate change, but they need financing. Green bonds is one of the financing options available to support climate and environmental investments. Join our live chat to learn more and ask your questions about the potential of the green bond market.

Akiko Nakagawa
Senior Environmental Specialist, World Bank Group
Laura Tlaiye
Sustainability Advisor, Capital Markets Department, World Bank Treasury