Upcoming Events

Three months out from the UN climate negotiations in Paris, join us for a conversation with Rachel Kyte where she will discuss the need for a strong climate deal and how the world can get to a zero carbon future.

Rachel Kyte
Vice President & Special Envoy for Climate Change, World Bank Group
Kalee Kreider (Moderator)
Science Policy Advisor, United Nations Foundation

Women, Business and the Law measures how laws, regulations and institutions differentiate between women and men in ways that may affect women’s incentives or capacity to work or to set up and run a business.

Kaushik Basu
Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, World Bank Group
Augusto Lopez-Claros
Director of the Global Indicators Department, World Bank Group
Meaza Ashenafi
Adviser, Gender and Women’s Rights, Capacity Development Division, UNECA
Yasmeen Hassan
Global Executive Director, Equality Now
Caren Grown
Senior Director, Gender CCSA, World Bank Group
Mina Al-Oraibi (Moderator)
Former journalist, Asharq Al Awsat