Coronavirus Live Series: How can we Strengthen Global Healthcare to Handle the Pandemic? 

The World Bank Group is helping developing countries strengthen their response to the pandemic with up to $160 billion in financial support over the next 15 months. What are the challenges on the ground and how are we working with partners to improve health services and speed the path to recovery?

Join us live on Friday 10th April at 10am (EST) (14:00 GMT) to hear from a panel of global experts on how the Bank is helping countries in every region respond to #Coronavirus.

Ask questions to the panelists now! The event will also stream on the Bank's YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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Global Director for Health, Nutrition and Population, World Bank

Practice Manager, Water, Africa Region, World Bank

Manager, Health East Africa, The World Bank

Practice Manager for Health, Nutrition and Population, Latin America and the Caribbean Region, World Bank


Paul Blake, External Affairs Officer, World Bank Group - Photo: Simone McCourtie / World Bank

External Affairs Officer, World Bank Group

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