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LJD Week 2020: Public Healthcare Procurement during the COVID-19 Pandemic: How to Reconcile Urgency with Integrity?

View the three featured sessions on WB Live, Nov 16-18th 

To respond more quickly to the Covid-19 global health crisis, governments around the world have been relaxing their existing national procurement laws. In this sessions, speakers will provide an overview of the expedited procurement processes that have been developed to address bottlenecks in the procurement of critical medical equipment, discuss the significant risks associated with looser restrictions and identify “best practices” that developing countries could follow for emergency procurement to mitigate the risk of corruption and ensure transparency. 

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Roberto Chieppa

Secretary General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Italy

Sector Specialist in Public Procurement, Fiscal Division, at the Inter-American Development Bank

Director, Solutions and Innovations in Procurement, Governance Global Practice, World Bank

Head of Public Procurement, Public Governance, Organization for Economist Cooperation and Development

Senior Project Officer, Transparency International’s Health Initiative


Chief Counsel and Member of the Procurement Complaints Committee, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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