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Pivoting to Inclusion: Leveraging Lessons from the COVID-19 Crisis for Learners with Disabilities

The world is faced with a global education emergency of unprecedented scale. According to estimates by the World Bank, the COVID-19 pandemic, at its peak, caused more than 180 countries to mandate temporary school closures, leaving 85 percent of the world’s learners out of school. Children with disabilities and their families, especially those living in poverty, face significant multiple vulnerabilities during this pandemic, including education, health, and social protection. The World Bank's Inclusive Education Iniative (IEI) invites you to participate in a Gloal Seminar to discuss our latest Issues Paper, 'Pivoting to Inclusion: Leveraging Lessons from the COVID-19 Crisis for Learners with Disabilities.' The live event will feature experts and thought leaders who will provide reflections on the paper, based on their unique perspectives on education, remote learning, and social inclusion and protection.

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Global Director for Education, World Bank

Lead, Public Service Delivery Global Solutions Group, World Bank Group

Global Director, Social Development, World Bank Group

Global Disability Advisor, World Bank Group

President, World Federation of the Deaf

Senior Policy Analyst, Global Education Monitoring Report

Director for Special Needs Education, Ministry of Education, Kenya

Humanity & Inclusion ( known as Handicap International / HI in Nepal)

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