Nena Stoiljkovic

Nena Stoiljkovic

Vice President, Blended Finance and Partnerships

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Nena Stoiljkovic is Vice President of Blended Finance and Partnerships. In this capacity, Ms. Stoiljkovic has a lead role in generating pioneering solutions that create opportunities for large-scale development and job creation in the world’s most difficult places, and in bringing innovation to tackle climate change. She plays a key part in IFC’s efforts to build a new architecture for development finance with other institutions, governments, and the private sector.

A Serbian national, Ms. Stoiljkovic previously served as a co-Vice President of Global Client Services, responsible for all IFC’s investment and advisory operations. During her tenure, she helped shape the World Bank Group’s strategy, working with the International Development Association (IDA) on a pioneering private sector window to catalyze greater private investment in low-income and conflict-affected countries.

Prior to that, she was a Bank Group co-Vice President for Global Practices and Cross-Cutting Solution Areas, which were established as part of a new organizational model in the World Bank to leverage global expertise to help government clients tackle their most significant development challenges. Her role was to bring the private sector experience into the process.

Ms. Stoiljkovic was formerly Vice President for IFC Advisory Services. Under her leadership, IFC changed its advisory delivery model to strengthen client focus and impact by greater integration with its investment work and with the then-new Global Practices.

Prior to this, Ms. Stoiljkovic was IFC’s Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Under her leadership, IFC supported the banking sector in a region particularly hard hit by financial crisis and contributed to its recovery in cooperation with the World Bank.

Ms. Stoiljkovic joined IFC in 1995 as an Investment Officer, and has since worked in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Southern Europe, and Central Asia.

Prior to joining IFC, Ms. Stoiljkovic worked as a consultant at the Economic Institute of Belgrade. She holds an MBA from the London Business School..

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