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Thriving: Making Cities Climate-Ready

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Cities, as engines of prosperity, are major contributors to climate change, generating about 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, as home to more than half of humanity, cities are on the front lines of climate change.

New analysis from the World Bank examines the two-way relationship between cities and climate change, concluding that cities also hold the key to solving the climate crisis. With data from more than 10,000 cities, the report offers insight into how to help cities become greener, more resilient, and more inclusive – in other words, on how to help their cities thrive – in a changing climate.

This session engaged prominent government officials including mayors and ministers as well as civil society to discuss the findings and recommendations from the report.

00:00 Welcome

- Bernice Van Bronkhorst, Global Director, Climate Change, World Bank

02:37 Opening remarks

- Axel van Trotsenburg, Senior Managing Director, Development Policy and Partnerships, World Bank

08:34 Report insights

- Mark Roberts, Lead Urban Economist, World Bank
- Megha Mukim, Senior economist, World Bank Group

20:24 Panel discussion
23:17 Bogota and climate challenges
30:26 Climate change and youth activism
34:57 Tirana, climate change and demographic changes
43:08 Bogota's partnerships to address climate challenges

- Claudia López Hernández, Superior Mayor of Bogotá, Colombia
- Erion Veliaj, Mayor of Tirana, Albania
- Heeta Lakhani, Youth Climate Activist and Educator

52:49 Closing remarks

- Juergen Voegele, Vice President, Sustainable Development, World Bank