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Charting a Course for Decarbonizing Maritime Transport

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Maritime transport has come under increased pressure to lower, and ultimately eliminate, its contributions to climate change. To inform shipping’s energy transition and support the sector’s climate action, the World Bank has developed two technical reports on “The Potential of Zero-Carbon Bunker Fuels in Developing Countries” and “The Role of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the Transition Toward Low-and Zero-Carbon Shipping.

Accompanied by a “Summary for Policymakers and Industry”, these reports will be launched in a virtual high-level event during Singapore Maritime Week 2021. This 90 minutes’ launch event will discuss the key findings of the reports from a development perspective. It will also highlight current country ambitions and industry initiatives aimed at building up a zero-carbon bunker fuel supply chain based on green ammonia and green hydrogen. 

After opening remarks by Nigel Topping, High-Level Climate Action Champion COP26, the authors will present the key conclusions of the research. This presentation will be followed by two panels featuring speakers like Isabelle Durant, Acting Secretary-General UNCTAD, and Aziz Rabbah, Minister of Energy Morocco. While the first panel will discuss the potential of developing countries for a wider energy transition enabled by zero-carbon shipping, the second panel will identify risks and opportunities of shipping’s energy transition from an industry perspective. At the end, the speakers will answer questions from the live chat before the event finishes with forward-looking closing remarks.

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