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Resilient Recovery Series: Climate Finance for a Sustainable Future

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The COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping the world’s financial system and having a huge impact on companies and employment. As many countries begin to look to recovery,  investment in climate-friendly strategies carries the potential to boost growth and create new jobs. How can we place sustainability at the heart of investment and business strategies and support a low-carbon future? It’s a business plan that’s not only positive for the environment, but also good for people and profitability. 

Peer Stein, Senior Advisor for Climate Finance at the International Finance Corporation joins World Bank Live to discuss the role of investors, businesses and financial institutions in building a new, more sustainable economic model. 

The Resilient Recovery Series includes in-depth interviews with the Bank’s leading experts focused on health, social, and economic responses, as well as policies, institutions, and investments that will be critical to resilient, inclusive, and sustainable recovery.

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