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Getting Infrastructure Right: A Call to Action

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The infrastructure service gap is huge: 940 million people live without electricity, 663 million lack improved sources of drinking water, 2.4 billion lack improved sanitation facilities, 1 billion live more than 2 kilometers from an all-season road.

Yet, the main impediment to investment is not lack of financing, but of good governance. Analysis shows that substantial benefits can be realized by better governance of public investment throughout its life-cycle—and that the quality of public investment management is linked to growth outcomes. 

The Regional Roundtables on Infrastructure Governance  have successfully brought together governments, the private sector, and practitioners to create better approaches to tackle this issue head-on. The program moves to Asia on May 23-24 with an event in Seoul organized by the World Bank, KIND, and Korea Eximbank, in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank, Global Infrastructure Hub,  KDI School, Open Contracting Partnership, and OECD.

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