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Inclusive Urbanization amid Global Change

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Cities in the developing world are growing rapidly, both in number and size. While urbanization is known to spur economic growth, the migration of people from rural to urban areas can be associated with rising inequalities – both across urban and rural areas and within cities, especially in developing countries.

Within this context, coupled with fiscal constraints, evolving global trade relations, extreme climate events, and technology disruption trends, national policymakers and city leaders are grappling with challenges in the delivery and financing of services, such as transport, water, waste management, and housing.

How can countries harness the power of urbanization and cities for inclusive economic growth to improve the quality of life for all residents? This event will bring together leading policymakers, practitioners, and private sector thought leaders for a moderated discussion of how to make the urbanization process more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable both across and within cities in a changing global environment.

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