Land Governance and Climate-Smart Agriculture

Evidence-based policies that promote secure access to land (including for women), and strengthening poor farmers’ ability to tackle climate change and improve productivity are urgently needed. Yet, in many cases, translating far-reaching legal changes into country strategies and progress on the ground has been a challenge.

Panelists will discuss ways to better integrate land and climate-smart agriculture into countries’ development strategies and explore how these can help to build capacity to mainstream these issues in national policy dialogue, projects and private sector strategies.

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Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development. Germany

President and Chief Executive Officer, Calvert Investments

Lead Economist in Agriculture and Rural Development, World Bank Group

Executive Director of Oxfam International

Secretary, National Economic and Development Authority, Philippines

Deputy Director General, General Department of Land Administration, Vietnam

Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Rwanda

Professor of Economics and the C. Marks Professor of International Studies, Cornell University &...

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