Tony Salvador

Tony Salvador

Senior Principal Engineer, Strategy Group, Intel Corporation

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Tony Salvador, PhD, is a practicing social scientist with Intel Corporation and is currently with their Corporate Strategy Office. He founded the application of social science at Intel and has led various teams of anthropologists, psychologists, sociologists and economists who have worked around the world to understand the lived experience of people in all walks of life and work. His work in particular has taken him to more than 35 countries. He’s been in remote, underprivileged, rural areas as well as in locales endowed with wealth and resource. He’s also worked in various product groups and was primarily responsible for research and design of the original Classmate PC, designed specifically for emerging markets. His most recent work has focused on the emerging invisible forces of inequality in society, specifically around personal data, personal data exploitation, growing concentrations of asset wealth and concomitant inequality. He focuses his current efforts on the intersection of human socio-technical systems through a complex adaptive system lens, e.g., considering implications for and instantiations of “networks” versus “chains” of interaction to identify catalysts for beneficial, equitable and just transformation.

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