Tiébilé  Dramé

Tiébilé Dramé

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mali and Former Member of Parliament of Mali

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Tiébilé Dramé is a policymaker and a political leader from Mali. He was Minister of Foreign Affairs (2019-2020 and 1991-1992). He is a former Minister for Malians living abroad (1991). He also served as Minister of Arid and Semi-Arid Lands in charge of development actions (1996-1997). In 2013, as Mali Representative, he negotiated a ceasefire agreement with Northern Mali rebellion leaders that permitted post-coup elections to take place. 

He served as United Nations Mediator in Madagascar’s political crisis (2009-2010). Dramé was a member of parliament between 1997 and 2002, representing his native region of Nioro du Sahel, in western Mali. Dramé started his international career as a researcher at Amnesty International in 1988. He lives in Bamako, Mali. 


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