Susana Medina Salas

Susana Medina Salas

Co-Director of the Sustainable Ecosystem Unit, Fòs Feminista

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Susana coordinates the Sustainable Ecosystem Unit through a feminist model of shared decision-making with the Co-Director of Sustainable Ecosystem, Leadership & Sustainability. Together, they co-lead an active strategic expansion of Fòs Feminista’s ecosystem to embrace new partners, while also enabling Global South cooperation and capacity-sharing to leverage expertise across the alliance. In her role, Susana is responsible for the overall development and implementation of Fòs Feminista’s programmatic strategies from an intersectional feminist perspective, integrating service delivery and education with advocacy. She also cultivates new relationships with strategic stakeholders – including allied organizations and movements working to address intersecting inequalities, donors, and governments – to advance sexual and reproductive rights in key national, regional, and global advocacy spaces.  Susana has over 20 years of extensive experience in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights throughout Latin America. She worked in Fòs Feminista’s partner organization in Venezuela, PLAFAM, providing psychological counseling to women experiencing gender-based violence, coordinating local contraceptive distribution in rural communities, managing project evaluations, and serving as PLAFAM’s interim Executive Director.

Susana has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello as well as a Specialization in Psychosocial Intervention in Communities and a Master of Social Psychology, both from the Universidad Central de Venezuela.

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