Pablo  Saavedra

Pablo Saavedra

Vice President, Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions, World Bank

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Pablo Saavedra is the World Bank’s Vice President for the Equitable Growth, Finance, and Institutions (EFI) Global Practice.

In this position, he leads the World Bank’s practice groups that work on macroeconomic analysis and policies, fiscal policy, finance, trade, investment, competitiveness, poverty, governance, and climate economics.

Saavedra, a Bolivian national, served in several positions of responsibility across the World Bank. Until recently, he was the Chief of Staff of the World Bank Group. Prior to that, he served as the Country Director for Mexico, and earlier as the Practice Manager of the Macroeconomics, Trade, and Investment unit in the Latin America and Caribbean Region. He also worked as Economic Adviser at the Country Economics department of the Operational Policy and Country Services (OPCS) Vice Presidency and was the Operations Committee (OC) Secretary. He held several positions in the EFI unit of the Europe and Central Asia Region. 

He brings to the position significant leadership experience, extensive technical knowledge of EFI areas, and rich operational experience across regions. He has worked with senior policymakers in several countries on reforms related to economic growth, macroeconomics and fiscal policy, and finance.

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