Nataliey Bitature

Nataliey Bitature

Co-founder COO, Musana Carts

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Nataliey Bitature is the Head of Operations at Musana Carts, street vending carts which provide clean energy, safe food and a path into the formal economy to micro businesses on the go. She has previously founded two service businesses in Kampala: Tateru Properties and Handymen Uganda. Nataliey has extensive field and boardroom experience across East Africa after working with The Simba Group for several years, overseeing Real Estate Management, Telecommunications and Renewable Energy projects.

She has an undergraduate dual honors degree in Business Management and Education from Keele University, UK, and a Master’s of Social Entrepreneurship from Hult International Business School in San Francisco. Nataliey was named as one of World Economic Forum’s Top 5 African Innovators for 2016.

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