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Mike Bellot


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Mike Bellot, is a native of Cap-Haitien, Haiti. he hold a bachelor degree in international Politics, and economics, a Master of Business and Management (international trade) at Tamkang University, Taiwan, a graduate certificate in SME Management at Ritsumeikan University of Japan and a graduate certificate in community leadership at kyung hee university in south Korea. Entrepreneur, he is the inventor of the first solar-powered lighting backpack (Solo Bag) helping students who do not have access to electricity to study at night . He was named by the world's largest business newspaper Forbes Magazine as one of the 10 most prolific Haitian entrepreneurs who are rewriting the narrative of Haiti. Mike received the Meaningful Business 100 award for the year 2020. This award recognizes 100 business leaders from around the world each year who combine profit and social impact as factors contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. He was named "The Most Remarkable Young Person of the Year 2019" by the Young International Chamber (JCI-Haiti), and twice received the Innovation Award from the Haitian Ministry of Commerce. In 2021 Mike Bellot became the first Haitian in the USA with a pending utility patent for an invention. He recently created Skytefi, a cost-effective solution to the difficult challenge of bringing internet access to people in underserved remote areas. Mike is Professor at the two largest private Universities in Haiti, teaching Innovation , entrepreneurship, and business related courses.

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