Kees Aarts

Kees Aarts

CEO and Founder, Protix; Davos Technology Pioneer 2015

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Kees Aarts is the CEO and co-founder of Protix, a company that develops smart insect-based technologies to convert organic by-products into valuable nutrients like proteins for animals and humans. Based in the Netherlands, Protix is a leader in the new industry of sustainable and alternative proteins and has recently established a Joint Venture with Buhler, a global food solutions company.

Prior to founding Protix in 2009, Kees was trained as an Aerospace Engineer and worked at McKinsey. In 2015, Protix was named Technology Pioneer, by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Kees also is a member of the Global Council for Food Security and Agriculture at the WEF and serves on various boards in the field of entrepreneurship and ecology. Kees is a graduate of Delft University of Technology and the Singularity University executive program.

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