Emiliano  Ezcurra

Emiliano Ezcurra

Vice President, National Park Authority, Argentina

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Emiliano Ezcurra has been a Vice President of the National Park Authority in Argentina since 2015.

He started his career as an environmental activist in Greenpeace and worked for Greenpeace International in Argentina for over 20 years. He coordinated the 1997 Antarctic Expedition on Climate Change Impacts and managed many campaigns and direct actions both in Argentina and abroad. In 2008, Mr. Ezcurra left the organization as Campaigns Director and worked to set up the National Office of the Forest Stewardship Council. In 2009, he founded the Banco de Bosques, an NGO focused on saving forests under threat of conversion to monocultures. The National Park Authority, represented by Mr. Ezcurra, is a 115-year-old institution with over 1,900 employees managing 4.6 million hectares in 49 natural protected areas across the country.

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