Dhir Jhingran

Dhir Jhingran

Founder Director of Language and Learning Foundation

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Dr. Dhir Jhingran is the Founder Director of Language and Learning Foundation (LLF), a non-profit focused on improving foundational learning of students through early literacy and multilingual education programs. LLF works closely with state governments to catalyse education system reform at scale in India. Dhir has worked in the primary education sector for 30 years, within and outside the Indian Government. Within the Government, as a member of India’s premier civil service, Dhir has served in policy-making roles in the Ministry of Education at the national level and as Project Director of numerous large-scale programs for universal primary education. He has also handled several other profiles, such as Senior Advisor to UNICEF India, Advisor to the Ministry of Education in Nepal, Asia Regional Director and Chief Program Officer with Room to Read. He has made significant contributions to the development and implementation of early grade reading programs in several countries in Asia and Africa as well as first language-based multilingual education programs in several states in India. Dhir has authored three books in primary education based on empirical research and has contributed to several books and journals.
Dhir holds a master’s in Economics and a PhD in Education.

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