Dalitso  Kabambe

Dalitso Kabambe

Governor for the Reserve Bank of Malawi

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Dr Dalitso Kabambe was appointed Governor for the Reserve Bank of Malawi on 21 April 2017.  He is married and has three children.

He holds a PhD and a Master’s Degree in Development Economics from Imperial College - University of London, United Kingdom which were obtained in 2008 and 2001, respectively. He also holds a BSc Degree from the University of Malawi, obtained in 1998.

As Governor of the Reserve Bank, he is responsible for providing strategic direction and leadership, in line with the principles dictated with the role of a central bank. His prime focus is on the design and execution of the objectives outlined by the monetary policies; strengthen the exchange rate stability and advocate for the soundness and development of the financial system, which in the end will ensure economic growth. He undertakes and oversees all Central Bank communications with the public to ensure that these are in alignment with the Bank’s primary goals and objectives.

Previously, Dr Kabambe worked in the Malawi Government Economic Service for a period of 19 years from 1998. He held different positions such as Principal Economist, Chief Economist, Deputy Director of Economic Planning and, Budget Director in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development. He also served as Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for close to 2 years.

As a member of the Government Economic Management Team for Malawi, Dr Kabambe contributed in formulating, implementing and managing the country’s fiscal, monetary and real sector policies; Carried out macroeconomic policy analysis forecasting/modelling and preparation of the National Accounts and Balance of Payment (BOP); Conducted macroeconomic research including Business Interviews and prepared periodic reports on the performance of the Malawi economy, including economic reports; participated in all discussions/meetings on macroeconomic issues on fiscal, monetary, external, Public Financial and Economic Management (PFEM), national accounts and IMF Missions; Initiated and coordinated the formulation of medium to long term sectoral and national development strategies and policies; Analysed potential impacts of economic and development policies including bilateral and multilateral policy decisions; Coordinated the preparation and execution of budgets including Public Sector Investment Projects (PSIP) and ensure effective and efficient delivery of public services; Conducted the reviews of the country’s development strategies, policies, projects and programs to ensure that they are in line with the medium to long term development priorities; Analysed both domestic and international socioeconomic policies, programs and projects as well as shocks on the economy and formulated appropriate policy recommendations.

In addition and specifically as Budget Director, Dr Kabambe provided professional advice and guidance on Fiscal, Monetary and Real Sector policy positions of the country; Reviewed Budget Policy practices, taxation and all elements of Government Revenues and Expenditures; Monitored performance of Treasury Funds, Trust Funds, Subvented Organisations and Parastatal Institutions; Vetted annual and supplementary national budget estimates before submitting to Cabinet and Parliament; Monitored Government financial position at the Reserve Bank on regular basis; Participated in Malawi’s efforts aimed at mobilizing aid and technical assistance from bilateral and multilateral partners.

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