DJ Switch (Erica Armah-Bra Bulu Tandoh)

DJ Switch (Erica Armah-Bra Bulu Tandoh)

Musician, Poet, Dancer, Motivational Speaker, Actress

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The passionate and motivated, Erica Armah-Bra Bulu Tandoh or DJ Switch Ghana, as she is more popularly known, has caught the attention of so many including DJ Khaled and Wyclef Jean, at just 13 years of age. At the age of nine, with no previous experience with a turntable, she suddenly found herself learning to use one. Her motivation and dedication to her work is unmatched, then and now. Mastering it in just five days, she went on to win Tv3 Network's Ghana's Most Talented Kids in 2017 and is the youngest contestant in history to ever win The Ghana DJ’s Awards in 2018. “I picked the name DJ Switch because I switch up people’s happiness,” she explains of her with a smile. “I am not only a DJ but also a poet, dancer, an MC, motivational speaker, actress and much more." Erica's dedication to all of her endeavors and her community has been noticed by many media outlets like the BBC, CNN, and FRANCE24. While the question of how she manages to stay so on top of it all always comes up, the queen of switching it up usually has this to say, “there’s no conflict between my being a DJ and academic performance because I always have my actions planned”. This Ghanaian hopes to eventually become a gynecologist and help women around the world. She recently founded The DJ Switch Foundation, advocating for quality education, adequate health care, gender equality and sustainable development; "small but mighty" has never been more applicable.

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