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The Future of Government: Reimagining Government for Good

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to deliver climate change commitments, and the rise in conflicts have amplified the need for a more effective government from the central to the local level.

The Future of Government report and supporting website is a guide for governments and non-governmental actors to reimagine the role of the State in formulating policy, providing regulation, and delivering services for development outcomes. The report includes a call to action for those working in government and those seeking to influence government for the better, to start building coalitions for change, now.

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00:00 Introduction to The Future of Government Series
05:11 Welcome remarks
07:16 Highlights of The Future of Government Report
16:02 The origins of The Future of Government Report
23:30 Achievements of good governance
26:42 Governance failures: Avoiding mistakes of the past
31:54 Priorities to improve the livelihoods of citizens
36:37 Communicating the achievements of governments
38:32 Understanding governance from a citizen perspective
41:21 Taking participation in the shaping of the government
45:02 The role of education to be active participants
47:00 Cybersecurity, trust and governance
50:18 Meeting basic needs and addressing gender gaps
55:23 Improving the huge inequality gaps and social discontent
58:44 How can individuals support changing governments for good
1:05:02 Closure and thanks for tuning!


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