Tim Williamson

Tim Williamson

Global Lead for Public Financial Management, Public Investment Management and Subnational Governance, World Bank

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Tim Williamson is the Global Lead for public financial management, public investment management, and subnational governance at the World Bank based in Washington, DC. He also is one of the team leaders of the Future of Government initiative. Through his work, Tim aims to strengthen the role of governance reforms in enabling the achievement of development results. 

Tim joined the World Bank in 2016 and was initially based in Nairobi, from where he led governance engagements in Kenya and Uganda. In Kenya, Tim helped develop a results-based approach to engagements in public financial and human resource management reform. In Uganda, Tim led a multi-disciplinary team supporting reforms to the financing and management of local government service delivery in health, education water and irrigation. In both Kenya and Uganda he has applied problem based approaches to reform, building teams and coalitions of actors to deliver change within both clients and focusing on the achievement of reform results.  

Prior to joining the bank Tim carried out advisory work and applied research predominantly in East Africa and South Asia. Tim had a long relationship with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) working as a Research Associate and started his career in 1998 working at the Ugandan Ministry of Finance.

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