The Value of Nature to People and Planet

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The Value of Nature to People and Planet

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The nature loss and climate change crises are two sides of the same coin: the two are intrinsically linked and reinforce each other. Climate change is one of the main drivers of biodiversity and ecosystems services loss as, even under a 1.5-2°C global warming scenario, biodiversity is expected to be hard hit (IPBES, 2019). Conversely, the loss of nature contributes to climate change. The World Bank’s flagship analytical work, including The Changing Wealth of Nations 2021, The Economic Case for Nature (2021), and the approach paper Unlocking Nature-Smart Development (2021) highlight some of the future risks posed by climate change and nature loss, and underscore the importance of investing in nature.

The event will discuss how nature loss is an economic and development issue, and how it is linked to climate change, as well as pathways to undertake both nature and climate-smart development in the future, including through expanding our economic toolkit beyond GDP to account for the wealth provided by nature.

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00:00 Welcome! COP26: The Value of Nature to People and Planet
04:55 World Bank’s analytical work valuing natural capital
17:27 Nature and economic planning in Uganda
20:33 Natural capital as a key priority for the World Bank
24:43 Drivers of nature loss in Uganda
30:04 World Bank's efforts in putting a value on natural capital
35:14 Protecting Uganda's forests / Innovative financing tools
39:48 The connection with the UN Biodiversity COP
46:03 Closing remarks




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The World Bank Group at COP26

As COP26 takes place in Glasgow, UK, the clock is ticking for high-impact climate action to deliver on the promises of the Paris Agreement. World leaders and national delegations, representatives from businesses, civil society and youth are gathering to tackle the climate crisis. See the full program.

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