Spreading the Gains From Trade More Widely

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Spreading the Gains From Trade More Widely

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The rise of international trade has transformed the global economy and coincided with a dramatic reduction in global poverty. While overall trade is seen positively in many parts of the world, protectionism and economic nationalism are on the rise. A new World Bank report addresses the reality of trade: The benefits are shared by many, while the adjustment costs tend to be concentrated.

Trade is more important than ever due to its role in production and provision of food, medicines, and vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic and in supporting economic recovery. It is vital to better understand and more clearly communicate how trade impacts welfare across all segments of the population, as well as how policy can help reduce disparities. 

Join us for the launch of World Bank's report “The Distributional Impacts of Trade: Empirical Innovations, Analytical Tools and Policy Responses”, which provides knowledge, data, tools, and a policy framework with the aim to spread the gains from trade and make it more inclusive. This key discussion will stress the gains from trade in supporting poverty reduction, identify solutions for more inclusive trade, and support policymakers in the design of better policies and programs to address the distributional impacts of trade.


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