Jobs vs. Privilege in the Middle East and North Africa

High unemployment in the Middle East & North Africa region, especially among young people and women, has been largely due to the lack of private-sector jobs. Yet, almost every country has pursued policies ostensibly aimed at stimulating the private sector and creating jobs. Recent research shows, however, that economic policies in MENA countries often limited competition and instead created monopoly rents to politically-connected firms.

Join us on October 10th 2014 for a lively debate with policymakers, researchers, business people and civil society members to discuss both the implications of the research and the way forward in addressing MENA's unemployment problems.

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Minister of Planning & International Cooperation, Jordan

President, Tunisian Center for Monitoring and Business Intelligence

Senior Economist, World Bank Group

Globalization Editor, the Economist

Acting World Bank Group Chief Economist and Senior Director for Development Economics, World Bank Group

Chief Executive Officer, Qordoba UAE

Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme and Under-Secretary-General, United Nations

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