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Nargis Shirazi

Co-Founder, WO-MAN Foundation

Nargis Shirazi, a community psychologist with a Masters in Public Health, is a co-founder of WO-MAN Foundation. She also serves as the project manager for the It Takes Two campaign that launched on Women’s Day in Uganda. Nargis is a playwright and poet, and uses the arts and entertainment to promote positive health messages. She is passionate about family planning for youth and is an advocate of using creative channels to educate and promote it. Nargis is currently working on her next play to be staged at the national theatre based on teenage pregnancy. She has had a hand in media, hosting a health show on one of Uganda’s biggest television networks, NTV, in 2010. She also played a character on a radio serial drama from 2006-2008 under the Yeah campaign on youth and HIV/AIDS. Melinda Gates recently mentioned Nargis as one of the most inspiring women she met in 2013.