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Frank Mars

Board Member, Mars Inc.
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Frank Mars is a member of the Board of Directors of Mars, Incorporated, and until most recently, the Global President of Mars Symbioscience.Read more

Frank Mars is a member of the Board of Directors of Mars, Incorporated, and until most recently, the Global President of Mars Symbioscience. Pioneering some of the most innovative and breakthrough fundamental scientific research, and with sustained funding from Mars, Incorporated, Frank led the creation of Mars Symbioscience in 2005 as an internal technology-based health and life sciences venture area to develop and commercialize new products and services supported by evidence-based science. Through June 2017, he and his team successfully incubated, introduced, and transitioned five technology platforms in the areas of food, plant, biomedical and life sciences, including Wisdom Panel®, a range of complex canine genetic tests for breeders and veterinarians and consumers, and CocoaVia®, a revolutionary cocoa flavanol extract-based dietary supplement that promotes healthy blood flow from head to toe and thus ultimately supports cardiovascular health in people.  In addition to his time leading Mars Symbioscience from 2005 to 2017, Frank has held a variety of senior positions within Mars, Incorporated for over his 28 years in the Electronics, Snack Food, Pet Care and Food segments across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Frank was responsible (in part or fully) for Mars’s Indonesian business from 2002 through 2012 and has a solid understanding of many of Mars’ raw material supply chains, including cocoa from seedling to finished product and passionately believes that nature-based solutions offer the best option to dramatically improve the livelihoods of small holder farmers and fisherman and create long term sustainable economies and food supply chains. As part of his new role as Vice President - Mars Sustainable Solutions, he and his new team will be building upon the work started in Mars Symbioscience, including developing next generation diversified income based sustainable cocoa farming models and solutions. In addition, recognizing the critical role that healthy coral/marine ecosystems play locally (protein) and globally (climate) in both the nurturing and production of blue biomass (fish), protection of shorelines (reef crest) and the creation of sand (beaches), Mr. Mars will be working to expand the use of a low-cost method of coral reef rehabilitation developed within Mars Symbioscience in Indonesia. Mr. Mars is also a Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Heliae Development – an applied life sciences and technology company located just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Heliae is focused on researching and developing algae-based commercial scale production platforms which sustainably produce renewable raw materials from existing carbon-based waste streams, with a current focus on specialty soil conditioning products for agriculture and feed for aquaculture. Mr. Mars earned his undergraduate degree in Economics from Yale University in 1985 and his MBA in 1990 from Duke University (Fuqua School of Business).

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